MO Hall Cafeteria Gets Long-overdue Renovation

One of Truman’s residence halls now features new dining options after undergoing a substantial renovation.

For the first time since the building opened in 1965, the kitchen of Missouri Hall was renovated during the summer. Guests will quickly notice a larger, more open layout to the cafeteria section, what Justin Dreslinski, director of dining services, refers to as a food-forward concept.

“Students will definitely notice a change,” Dreslinski said. “This by far is the most up-to-date, modern dining renovation. The way some of the cooking surfaces are placed, the food is going to be cooked right in front of you.”

One noticeable change is the addition of a food island, which includes a deli and soup station, salad bars with a section for controlled allergens and two new exhibition-style cooking grills with one designated for vegetarian options.

For the first time in 15 years, the seating area was updated. All of the tables and chairs are new, and the redesign has increased the cafeteria’s capacity by more than 20 seats, taking it to more than 200.

While the new amenities are nice for guests, the behind-the-scenes changes in the kitchen were the primary reason for the renovation. Previously, the kitchen area had no air conditioning, and temperatures could reach as high as 115 degrees. Other changes include all new appliances and electrical upgrades, as well as a walk-in cooler now attached to the building.

Dreslinski said the cost of the project was covered with surplus dining funds earmarked for reinvestment in University food service programs. The Missouri Hall kitchen renovation began the day after students moved out in the spring and was completed just prior to move-in day.

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