New Minors Offer Valuable Skills

With the start of the current school year, students had the option to declare two new minors. Child studies and design were both added to the Truman catalog, bringing the total number of available minors to 60.

The child studies minor draws together courses from many different departments across campus that focus on issues related to children. It provides students with the opportunity to focus on the physical, psychological, cognitive and social development of children; the creation and critique of art and media focused on and directed towards children; and the political debates and social policies that influence children in an interdisciplinary way.

Various courses within the Art Department comprise the new design minor. It was conceived to compliment majors in other disciplines, particularly business, communication and computer science. It gives the non-major student a well-rounded introduction to graphic design processes, visual aesthetics and a higher-than-average understanding of visual digital literacy.

More information about these new minors, as well as all of the academic programs at the University, can be found at

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