Small Donations Make a Big Difference

Many alumni have strong connections to Truman but plan to wait to donate to their alma mater until they can afford a more substantial gift. What these alumni might not realize is that small gifts add up to make a big difference.

Thanks to a generous matching gift from alumna Colleen Ritchie (’84), a couple hundred donors learned firsthand the power of small donations during Truman’s first campus-wide giving day – #BulldogsGiving. Ritchie, a member of Truman’s Foundation Board of Directors, committed $10,000 hoping to help younger alumni see the importance of donating, even if they can’t afford to make a large contribution.

Donors who contributed $5 or more on Nov. 14, 2015, received a $50 match to the fund of their choice, thanks to Ritchie’s generosity. Alumni and friends began giving right at midnight in an effort to be among the first 200 donors to receive matching funds. News about #BulldogsGiving spread on social media with alumni and friends encouraging people in their networks to give back.

The effort exceeded its goal of 200 donors, receiving donations from 225 alumni, parents, faculty and staff who contributed more than $9,500 to 77 different Foundation Funds. Ritchie was excited about the participation.

“The first year far exceeded my expectations,” Ritchie said. “I was extremely pleased we nearly doubled my donation in just ONE day of giving. Long term, my hope would be to turn these new donors into lifelong contributors, willing to give back to Truman by leaving their legacy behind. They make a significant impact by enabling future students to pursue the Truman way.”

Plans for an upcoming #BulldogsGiving are currently under way, so alumni and friends are encouraged to keep a lookout for how a small gift can make a big impact for programs they care about.

Social Media Posts

  • “Done! I wasn’t able to give much, but it was the least I could do for a place that gave me everything. I don’t know where I would be, both professionally and personally, without Truman and all of the opportunities/experiences I had there. #BulldogsGiving #BulldogForever”
  • “I do not have much to give, but I want to honor Dr. Teresa Heckert. She saw my potential and believed in me, and for that I am forever grateful.”
  • “Thank you to alumna Colleen Ritchie for providing the funds to match my donation with an additional $50. Especially if I am NOT one of the 1st 200 people donating today because it means many more people have donated today!”
  • GivingMatters-BulldogsGiving


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