The Big Event Returns

Hundreds of Truman students volunteered their time to participate in the first Big Event since 2019.

Through the help of the SERVE Center, students were matched with more than 60 job sites around town. The job sites included simple service acts such as trimming bushes, raking leaves and washing windows for residents of the community.

Junior business major Norah Grojean was excited to finally be able to take part in her first Big Event since arriving at Truman. The 2020 Big Event was canceled due to the pandemic, while the Big Event in 2021 was planned but canceled due to rain.

“My group was put in charge of raking leaves for a household. The family was extremely grateful, kind and even got us donuts to have a little snack break,” Grojean said. “They provided all the materials we needed to do the job and were always there for us if we needed to ask any questions.”

Created in 1982, the Big Event has become one of the largest one-day, student-run service projects hosted nationwide. It allows students to show their appreciation to the surrounding community for their continued support. Since hosting its first Big Event in 2001, Truman has continued to receive positive feedback from the Kirksville community. The SERVE Center often receives many calls from community members on how grateful they are for the services provided by students. Many of them say they had already expressed their gratitude to the students, but wanted to make sure the University was aware of how thankful they are for the help. Some also explain how they are no longer able to complete a lot of the tasks they seek assistance for, and if it were not for the students they would have to make other arrangements.

“My favorite part about participating in the Big Event is that I felt like I was truly making a difference in the lives of others right then and there,” Grojean said. “I loved feeling a part of a community that cares enough to give back to the city that gives so much to Truman and its students.”

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