A Day for Donors

Tag-Day-3On Nov. 14, 2014, Truman showed its appreciation for donors by tagging items around campus made possible by donations to the University. The goal of the day was not only to express gratitude to those who have given back to the University, but also to raise awareness on campus of how donors impact day-to-day life at Truman.

Donors support more than 600 funds and have a measurable impact in tangible ways (such as classroom enhancements, computer labs, athletic locker rooms), as well as intangible ways (through support of scholarships and student learning experiences).

Tag-Day-2This year on Tag Day, students got the chance to thank donors firsthand. Students helped place the tags for the event and signed a thank you card celebrating donors. Students also showed their appreciation by taking photos with tags and sharing them on social media. For more information on Tag Day, visit tagday.truman.edu.

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