Healthy Lifestyle Inspires Others


Becky (Hadley) Cutright (’08) finishes the 2014 Truman Homecoming 5k.

Becky (Hadley) Cutright (’08) never used to remember a time when she considered herself “thin” or at a healthy weight. Yet, within three years, Cutright’s determination and inspirational story has encouraged others to pursue their own healthy lifestyles.

After turning 25 years old, Cutright recalls not being able to walk up two flights of stairs without being winded. Her weight made her frightened for her health and, subsequently, the future.

“I remember thinking, ‘I won’t live 25 more years if I don’t do something about this now,’” she said.

Since starting her lifestyle change in fall 2011, Cutright has lost 140 pounds. The process began slowly, replacing soda with flavored sparkling waters and swapping in healthy choices for meals and snacks. Eventually, Cutright turned her attention to daily exercise. She began the Couch-2-5K program and steadily began to run. Since 2012, Cutright has completed several 5Ks, two half marathons and one full marathon. She hit her goal weight in March 2014.

Cutrightbeforeandafter2While the journey has not always been easy, Cutright’s grit and resolve have paid off in small forms of success. Her story was featured on a national level in Dr. Oz’s magazine The Good Life. Most recently, Cutright returned to Truman for Homecoming where she participated in the annual 5K, placing second overall in her age group.

“While I was a student I would have never dreamed of participating in the race,” Cutright said. “To come back as an alumna and as a healthier version of myself was such a great feeling, especially when I crossed the finish line.”

Cutright currently lives in St. Louis with her husband Mark and their dog, Nixon. She works as the public relations manager for The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis, managing the theatre’s website, social media and patron communication, as well as working with others to promote shows. Additionally, Cutright helps to coach a beginning running program through Big River Running Company.

Past high school and college colleagues have adopted Cutright’s positive outlook. Her story has motivated friends, family and old acquaintances to meet goals, find success and, above all else, get healthy.

“When I started, I never expected my journey to have such an impact on others. They say to me, ‘I know that if you can do it, I can do it,’” Cutright said. “I’ve come so far and I’m the happiest and healthiest I’ve ever been.”

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