Campus Icon Receives Upgrade

CupolaNew1Cupola1DisplayDec2013-5A campus landmark for decades, the cupola atop Kirk Memorial was replaced in the summer. For much of last year, the building underwent a number of improvements including new shingles and windows, brick tuck pointing and replacement of limestone detailing that had deteriorated. The cupola had to be replaced because it could not be made water tight and some of the wood had rotted. Construction crews removed the original cupola and replaced it with a new one created to look the same. The new cupola is constructed primarily of aluminum and includes insulation and roofing material to protect the dome. In keeping with the tradition established in 1996, the new weather vane was welded in place to forever point northeast in honor of the University’s previous name. The original cupola has found a new home outside of the Ruth W. Towne Museum and Visitors Center. A gallery of photos of the cupola replacement can be found at

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