Family Creates Chemistry Endowment

Francis T. Wadsworth

Francis T. Wadsworth

Marian Wadsworth cared deeply about her family. She was devoted to nurturing and supporting immediate and extended members of that family throughout her life. Following her husband Francis’ passing in 1988, Marian took steps to honor his memory while also providing substantial support for an important member of the Wadsworth family that had been especially influential in their young lives.

Truman State University provided Francis with a quality undergraduate education and positioned him to excel in his advanced studies as well as his career as a chemist in the petroleum industry. Truman elevated Francis to more fully realize his promise and potential. In turn, Truman was elevated to the status of a family member in 1992 as Marian created the Francis T. Wadsworth Chemistry Program Endowment through the Truman State University Foundation with a deferred gift of life insurance. With this gift arrangement, the University also welcomed Marian as a member of Truman’s planned giving honor society, the Joseph Baldwin Society.

This new endowment was especially meaningful to Marian and to the University as it created a source of funding to meet the needs of students, in addition to chemistry faculty as they engage in professional development experiences necessary for excellence in undergraduate teaching. Marian passed away in 2012, and the couple’s legacy of assisting others is firmly secured in perpetuity at Truman.

Now that this fund is fully endowed with more than $70,000 in assets, it will begin to support students’ undergraduate research projects, provide emergency funds for students whose progress toward their degree may be threatened without financial assistance, help with minor equipment purchases for the Chemistry Department and more.

The devotion and support that were characteristics Marian and Francis Wadsworth consistently displayed during their lives continues. Their generosity will elevate future generations of promising young scholars who will more fully realize their potential due to support from the Francis T. Wadsworth Chemistry Program Endowment.

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