KTRM Offers Live Streaming Capabilities

KTRM can now be lived streamed on smartphones. Through the Truman application on the iPhone and Android, KTRM now offers live streaming, which is newly improved for easier connecting and listening.

To connect to KTRM’s live streaming, visit streaming.truman.edu:8000/ktrm. Another way to connect with KTRM is through a smartphone app called “TuneIn.” This application offers live streaming of KTRM and other local radio shows.

Stay connected with everything on-campus through the Truman Media Network at tmn.truman.edu. The Truman Media Network provides links to The Index, News 36, KTRM and Detours magazine. Additionally, alumni might be interested in Harry, the new bi-annual journal highlighting research and innovation, produced by the Truman Institute and available at institute.truman.edu/harry.asp.

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