Hire a Truman Student

Graduation can be a fulfilling, joyous event in a college student’s life, or it can be terrifying. Remember those feelings? Finding a job, especially as a recent college grad, can be tough. As a Truman grad, you have forged the way to make your own future successful, and now it’s time to give back!

Do you have any open positions available? Start looking where your career began. If you’re a Truman alumnus/na, you can relate to the piles of homework given out on a daily basis. Not to mention the late nights in Pickler that turned into all-nighters so you could ace your exams. You worked hard when you were a Truman student and things haven’t changed.  As you probably already know, Truman students work for a first-class education and are held to the highest standards. What more could you want in an employee candidate?

Want to offer your interview expertise? Interviewing is a skill acquired through practice. The first few can be a little rocky, and as more and more employers are looking outside state lines for the best hire, Skype has become another necessity. Even resumes need some practice before heading out into the hands of possible employers.

If you’d like to advertise a job opening, donate your time to lead mock interviews, or even give resume advice, contact the Career Center at careers@truman.edu or (660) 785-4353.

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