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Bookshelf-JoePortersWarJoe Porter’s War
By Scott Sallee (’84)
“Joe Porter’s War” focuses on the Civil War and Colonel Joe Porter’s attempt to lead a group of confederates to take over Union territory in Northeast Missouri. The story includes struggles and trying times from the Northeast Missouri Campaign in 1862.



Bookshelf-ShowMetheDeadlyDeerShow Me the Deadly Deer
By Carolyn Mulford (’60)
In this sequel to “Show Me the Murder,” ex-spy Phoenix Smith goes with acting sheriff Annlynn Keyser to look for a missing farmer. They find him armed and dead, an antler in his back. Did a mad deer take revenge on the hunter? The story focuses on strong female characters that search for the true answer. Mulford writes historical fiction books for teens and contemporary mystery books for adults. More information on Mulford’s books can be found at

Bookshelf-BradleytheBat-NEWThe Wonderful Adventures of Bradley the Bat
By Steve Paulding (’96)
“The Wonderful Adventures of Bradley the Bat” is a children’s book about a little Colorado brown bat who decides to migrate to South America for the winter. On his journey he meets and sees many different animals and regions.

Bookshelf-GrandAdventuresPetitLouis-Kayce-SwigelsonThe Grand Adventures of Petit Louis
By Kayce M. Swigelson (’07)
“The Grand Adventures of Petit Louis” is a story about a cat who wanders around Paris painting mustaches on famous artwork and landmarks as he searches for a birthday present for his owner.


Bookshelf-SerinahandtheButterflySerinah and the Butterfly
By Rhonda Reif (’84)
“Serinah and the Butterfly” is a motivational story written for both children and adults. The story focuses on the power of accomplishing tasks without letting emotions, fear or self-doubt get in the way.

Bookshelf-LevelFieldsofPlayLevel Fields of Play: Bobby Shows’ Life and Ministry Through Sports
By James O. Preston (’83)
Bobby Shows grew up in rural Mississippi, played high-profile basketball and used his enthusiasm to reach students for Christ. The story centers around a 1962 basketball game, called the “game of change.”


Bookshelf-StillLifeinBrunswickStewStill Life in Brunswick Stew
By Larissa Reinhart (’91)
“Still Life in Brunswick Stew” is a mystery that revolves around food poisoning at a cooking competition that leads to a death. The story keeps the readers laughing and guessing from the very first page. Reinhart is the author of the Cherry Tucker Mystery Series. For more information on the series, visit

Bookshelf-WhatHeavenisLikeWhat Heaven is Like
By Jane Lea Dykstra
“What Heaven is Like” is the true story of the author who went into surgery and had visions of Heaven. She recounts her story in the book by describing her experience during surgery, and how it has helped her become closer with her religion. For more information on the book, visit

Bookshelf-ThoseWhoServeThose Who Serve
By Jim Coy (’68)
Colonel Jim Coy (Ret.) is the author of the Eagle Series Books. “Those Who Serve” is a devotional for the military, and includes an inspirational two-hour DVD with interviews from men who received the Medal of Honor and ex-POWs from the Vietnam War. More information on his book series can be found at

Paul W. Popiel (’93)
“Landscapes” is a collection of works including, “In the Shadow of No Towers: Symphony No. 4” by Mohammed Fairouz and “Concerto Fantasy for Two Timpanists and Orchestra” by Philip Glass, performed by the University of Kansas Wind Ensemble. Popiel is the director of bands at the University of Kansas.

Bookshelf-PathwaystoParadisePathways to Paradise: A Journey into Relaxation
By Rhonda Reif (’84)
“Pathways to Paradise: A Journey into Relaxation” is a CD of four exercises to help relax the mind, body and spirit. Reif made the CD to help participants utilize the techniques they learned in her presentations. For more information on the CD, visit

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