Facilities Update

Thanks in part to generous donors and the support of the Student Athletic Fee, the following upgrades/renovations have been made or are in the works to the Truman Athletics facilities:

• New drainage and irrigation has been installed at the baseball, softball and soccer fields. The work, completed over the summer, has provided better playing surfaces. In addition, new warning tracks were installed at the softball field for the safety of the players.

• A new seating area, along with a press box, is under construction at the Truman baseball field. The backstop was replaced and a new sound system was donated.

• New starting blocks were installed in the Truman natatorium.

• At Stokes Stadium, 132 chair-back seats were installed to provide additional comfort for fans at Truman football games this past season. Half of the seats were designated for the Advancement hospitality area while the other half were sold as season-tickets.

• After getting new bleachers and a sound system last year, Pershing Arena’s wood floor was refinished and rebranded with the new conference logo. The arena was also fitted and painted with new acoustical panels to aid in game day presentations.

• The small gym that is used by wrestling, cheerleading, baseball and softball was renovated with a new floor.

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