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Bookshelf-CundiffPoems“In Short, a Memory of the Other on a Good Day”
Allison Cundiff (’97) and Steven Schreiner
Cundiff and her co-author have created a poetic conversation about love, from the split perspectives of feminine and masculine, as it is experienced and contemplated from within our modern social and moral matrices.



Bookshelf-Drake_BoneGirl“Bone Girl”
Annette Drake (’87)
Eleven-year-old Josey Miller knows two things: it’s her fault Mama left, and she will do anything to coax her back. When Mrs. Casey, the new music teacher, starts a band at Bennett Springs Middle School, Josey sees it as her chance to finally belong to something and convince Mama to visit for her concerts. The only problem: there’s no money for a clarinet, what with Dad laid off and fighting to keep their farm. But things start looking up when Grandpa Joe gives Josey an old trombone to play, and Mr. McInerny starts boarding his high-dollar Arabian stallion with Dad. Nobody can train horses like Josey’s father.



Bookshelf-TimothyJoseph“My Water Path”
Timothy Joseph (’67, ’69)
Set in Mississippi in the late 1950s, Joseph explores topics such as race relations, prejudice and hate through the eyes of his young protagonist Jory Sheppard. If Jory wants to fight the injustice and uncertainty that surrounds him, he must learn what it really means to stand up for the things in which he believes.



Bookshelf-Piper-EducationinAlbuquerque“Education in Albuquerque”
Ann (Schmidt) Piper (’77)
Piper, the principal at Wilson Middle School in Albuquerque, N.M., surveys the city’s evolving educational journey. More than 200 photos with captivating narrations recreate the city’s progressive, multicultural and politically vibrant schooling story—public, private and parochial.



Bookshelf-ReeseShadowsofthePast“Shadows of the Past”
Mary Reese (’67)
An unusual blend of life in the old South and spiritual enlightenment, “Shadows of the Past” tells a story of love that endures through eternity, along with present hope for mankind because of this love.



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