Traveling with Truman

CostaRicaGroupInsideIn case you missed it, the Truman Alumni Travel Program recently visited beautiful Costa Rica. The program offers worry-free vacations to breathtaking destinations.Want to avoid hassle? The prices are competitive and include daily activities and many of your meals. Not only that, but you have a representative from Truman there with you, answering questions and helping you prepare for the trip ahead.

“I joined the Costa Rica tour and found it perfect for individual adventure and qualified experienced tour management. Denise Smith, Truman’s director of alumni relations, provided her knowledgeable and confident travel experience, patience and gentle kindness to enhance our group chemistry and comfort. I found it was an exceptional way to see the country of Costa Rica with no hassle or worry. We had first-class accommodations and ample opportunity to individualize our vacation experience. I must add that a top reason for me signing up for the next Truman Alumni Association-sponsored adventure will be the opportunity to meet new Truman friends with whom there is already a common bond and loyalty.”
—DONNA BAILEY (’76, ’84)










Make sure to keep a look out for next year’s trip to France. More information can be found at, or questions may be emailed to Denise Smith, director of alumni relations, at

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